Workers Compensation Laws

workers compensation

Some say that in choosing one’s career path, it is important that one picks the one that is close to his or her heart. One should get a job that he or she will enjoy so that working can be a very pleasant experience. However, in the real world, compensation has a lot to do with how someone chooses the job that they will be applying for. While the earlier idea would be great, in the end, people work hard for the money and that is why, people would want to make sure that they are getting the proper compensation.

Unfortunately, not all people are lucky in this sense. While there is a workers compensation law, some people end up receiving the compensation that they should really be getting. Sadly, not all of the workers in the state are aware of their rights. Some have little, or no knowledge at all, that there are these laws that set the wages they are about to receive and puts protection against wage theft and other schemes that employers may try to pull off against their employees. These poor workers end up having getting robbed or shortchanged of their wages. That is why it is important that workers are educated about their rights as provided for by existing labor and employment laws.

What are the common workers compensation law violations made by employers? Here are some of it:

  • Minimum wage violations:
    This happens when an employee receives less than the set minimum wage that is stipulated in the law.
  • Overtime pay violations:
    For non-exempt employees, they should receive more the regular rate for all the hours he or she worked in excess of 40 hours for the workweek. For up to 12 hours in a day, an employee should receive one and one-half (1 and ½) for each of the hour one has worked in excess of the 8 hours in a day. For employees that work for more than 12 hours in a day and all of the hours in excess of 8 hours for the seventh consecutive day in a workweek should receive double their regular rate. Any overtime payment lower than these (depending on the situation) is a violation of overtime laws.
  • Wage Theft:
    This happens when an employer or supervisor intentionally miscalculates the employees’ work hours, leaving the latter receiving less compensation vis-à-vis the work they have rendered.
  • Tip Violations:
    For workers in the service industry, customers give tips to staff members as a token of gratitude for the good service they have provided. These tips are for the employees alone. In some instances though, employers get a portion of tips or just get all of the tips given to employees altogether. Such acts constitute a violation of worker compensation laws.

By keeping yourself educated of these laws, you and prevent the abusive acts of your employer and get the compensation that you should. Hire a workers compensation law attorney to help you with the claim that you will be filing. This should help you get back the compensation that should have been given to you in the first place. Moreover, such will put an end to these schemes by your employer, get damages, and make them liable for their actions.

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