Labor Law Violations

labor law violations

Every employee in the work place needs to be wary of any acts in violation of their employment and labor law rights. Most employees are not aware that they have the right to seek damages against their employers not only on account of wrongful termination, discrimination or retaliation. There are also other labor law violations that employers sometimes commit which cause hardships to their employees.

If your employer fails to provide you with or intentionally refuses to grant you the correct wage, overtime pay, rest and meal breaks and other rights and benefits provided by labor laws, you have a right to claim damages and back wages against your unjust employer, and the best way to claim them is to seek legal representation from top labor law attorneys in your area who are very knowledgeable in providing protection to employees who are victims of labor law violations by their employers.

Seeking labor law violation claims can be very stressful. Any employee who already went through the rigors of trying to claim employment and labor law damages against their erring employers know how complex federal and state labor law codes, provisions and statutes can be. It is therefore best to leave your labor law problems to expert employment and labor law attorneys who have vast experience in negotiating and litigating issues involving labor law violations and other employee problems, from severance package negotiations; unemployment insurance hearings; proceedings in Worker's Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) and even violations of whistle blowing laws, workers compensation laws and workers compensation retaliation.

There are different laws relating to different labor law violations and the venue for filing complaints or actions resulting from these violations are also numerous. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, for one, hears and decides issues involving non-allowance of vacation leaves, other leave benefits and even problems involving non-payment and underpayment of wages, overtime pay and other benefits. Similarly, you can go to court directly for redress of your grievances. As you can see, claiming compensation for your damages resulting from labor law violations can be very daunting.

Add to this the fact that your employer will no doubt be represented by insurance adjusters during negotiations and even defense lawyers in cases of labor law litigation or law suits. This is where Free Legal Consultation comes in. We make sure that you are matched with top notch labor law attorneys in your area that can ably represent you and aggressively protect your rights in order for you to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve, from front pay, back pay, unpaid over time, unpaid benefits and commissions, compensation for pain and suffering and even punitive damages.

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