Whistleblowing Laws in California

Growing up, people have been thought to tell the truth. As others would say, “the truth will set you free” However, in the real world, there are certain instances when telling the truth can get you into trouble. In the workplace, you may see and encounter some things that aren’t done properly. Some may pass as a mistake but others are just obviously intentionally done. Some would take these things lightly but there are some who just won’t sit down and let these pass. However, there are some who will stand up against these wrongdoings and report it to the authorities or participate when the company they are working for gets investigated. Some braver ones stand up and report these wrongdoings to the authorities.

When these offenses or illegal activities by the company you’re working for gets investigated by the authorities, and you stand up to testify, or become a whistleblower against these wrongdoings, then might just get into trouble. Some employers have the tendency to treat whistleblowers unfavorably. While no sane person would still treat a “traitor” well, this attitude by employers are totally unacceptable. In fact there are whistle blowing laws that protect workers that are brave enough to stand up against these wrongdoings by their employers.

Some employers make unfavorable employment decisions against the whistleblowing employee. Some of these employees get demoted from their previous position. Some, on the other hand, get assigned to different and difficult job assignments, something that wouldn’t really happen hadn’t the employee decided to go against these irregular practices by their bosses or supervisors. Worse, the poor employee gets kicked out of their job and are attacked by their employers through intimidation. These practices by employers and supervisors are completely unacceptable and are prohibited by whistle blowing laws in California and almost any other state in the US.

Being a crusader against your employer’s irregular and illegal acts is one great challenge. These forms of intimidations are their way to get back at their workers who expose such wrongdoings. That is why knowing what your rights according to employment and labor laws is very important so that you will be able to protect your job and yourself from these attacks. You can better educate yourself of these rights by hiring an expert and experienced labor and employment law attorneys to help you. Once you are aware of these laws, you can mull charges of retaliation against your employee.

Retaliation is a prohibited act in state and federal labor and employment laws. That is why if you feel like you’re being harassed or unfairly treated by your employer because you participated in proceedings to uncover their illegal practices, do not just stand there. Ask help from your labor and employment attorney immediately and file the necessary charges against your employer at once. Gather all the necessary pieces of evidence to prove these acts of harassment and retaliation. Prepare the complaints well before filing them to the proper authorities. If these acts of retaliation are proven, you can get reinstated to your job and receive compensation for the losses you might have incurred because of the injustice that has happened to you.

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