Race Discrimination Claim in California

In the workplace, everybody’s important. The fact that one employee gets hired because of a particular skill or talent makes him or her a very important asset to the company. No matter what one’s race or color does not matter for this group of talented people are the ones that work together to come up with the results that determine the company’s success. However, it is inevitable at times that some people will still see the differences in color and race and choose to dwell on those differences. Worse, some do look down and discriminate others for being “different”. While these people whom others tag as “different” continue to contribute significantly to a company’s success, some employees, even supervisors and the employers themselves fail to see those and continue to discriminate against people of different race and color. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act paved the way for the better treatment of people with different color and from different races among other sorts of protections for individuals prone to discrimination. However, not a lot of people understand how this law works, especially those people from different races and has different skin colors than what is perceived to be normal. Race discrimination or discrimination against one’s color happens in the workplace when an applicant or employee of a company from a different race or color is being looked down. People think less of them because of their different hair texture, skin color, or other features.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act includes a race discrimination law has paved the way to help prevent abuse and harassment of individuals just because of their race or color. In the workplace, the employer, supervisors, co-worker, even non-employees of the company can do the acts of discrimination against an individual. Simple jokes, the use of derogatory and offensive remarks, the display of racially offensive symbols is just some of the actions that are tantamount to discrimination. While simple teasing, certain comments, or some actions couldn’t be taken as discrimination, the continuous commission of anything that offends or harasses a person can be considered a deliberate act of discrimination, something that the law prohibits.

Racial discrimination doesn’t just always come in the form of insults. Sometimes it is also made through employment policies and practices in the workplace. Such rules and regulations that are offensive to a particular race or color, even if the said rulings are applied to everyone, are considered a form of discrimination. Policies that segregate employees based on one’s skin color or looks are a clear violation of these laws. Moreover, supervisors or decision-makers in a company that chooses to make employment decisions on the basis of your color or race such as demotion or firing, are committing a violation of existing laws for racial discrimination in California and anywhere else in the United States.

That is why employees should be made aware of what their rights are as specified by the employment and labor laws in the land. For example, for people who live in the state of California, they have to be familiar with these laws so they could better protect themselves from being abused, harassed, and retaliated against by these discriminating people. If you find yourself being a victim of such kind of acts, immediately file a claim through a good and experienced lawyer. This way, your complaint will be complying with the requirements set by the racial discrimination law in California, ensuring better chances of success and better chances of you getting justice for everything that you have to go through because of such acts.

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