National Origin Discrimination in California

The American economy is one great success story. For a time, it became one of the longest dominant economies in the whole world. The US economy model has been emulated by a lot of countries and have used it as a pattern for their own economies. This success story has a reason behind it. That is because the United States is a melting pot of many different people from countries all over the world. These people with different talents from countries all over the world has come together in the country to live the American dream. They have not only helped themselves and improved their lives. They also have powered the US’s economy, making it one of the most progressive economies all over the world. The success stories of these immigrants prove that there are equal opportunities offered to everyone who wants to work in the country.

However, not everybody embraces this idea. Some people don’t think about the help that these people have extended to the country and instead look at petty details like a person’s national origin. This is not exactly new as immigrants here in the country time and again has been the subject of discrimination by the locals, calling them names and undermining their numerous contributions for the country. Good thing that somehow, there is a way to help protect these people’s rights. Title VII of the Civil Rights Code, is one law against national origin discrimination in California and other states in the US that helps prevent the rampant discrimination against immigrants. But how can one tell if he or she is being a victim to such acts of discrimination?

When one is unfavorably treated in the workplace just because he or she came from another country, ethnicity or accent, or if he or she appears to come from a certain ethnic group, is an act of national origin discrimination. There are many possible manifestations of this kind of discrimination. Harassment is just one of those. This happens when one is repeatedly and intentionally teased, on the receiving end of offhand comments, and being put into an offensive and hostile work environment. Anybody could be a potential offender. Your employer, your direct supervisor as well as the other supervisors of the company, your co-employees, even the clients and customers of the victim. The national origin discrimination law also prevents the enforcement of an employment policy or practice that puts people from a certain national origin at a disadvantage is a violation of the said laws.

As an employee, you should be aware of your rights. Whenever your discriminating employers, supervisors, co-employees, and others trample those rights on, do not worry for there is a law that is against national origin discrimination in California. Stand up and fight for your rights by hiring the services of the best labor and employment lawyer that you can find. Get the best legal advice to help protect you from abuse and get those responsible for such abuses held liable for their offenses.

By standing up against and fighting national origin discrimination you don’t only get to save yourself from these illegal acts, you also get to protect others from suffering the same difficult experience that you had to go through.

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