Medical Condition Discrimination in California

It is always best to start with a clean slate. In everything that you will do, it is always better to have no prejudice against you. Also, it would always be better if there were a level playing field for everybody in the workplace. Having people believe in you and your skills will help people, in the workplace perform better and be effective in what they do. However, in the real world, there are people in the workplace who love to discriminate against people for all sorts of reasons. One of those used quite rarely is called medical condition discrimination? How does this happen and how can one protect him or herself against it?

According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, one cannot discriminate against anybody in the workplace. In certain instances, employers, supervisors, co-employees, customers or clients of a worker can look down and discriminate against him or her on the basis of their health. One’s medical condition should never be used to harass and abuse an individual. Moreover, one’s medical condition cannot always be used to make important employment decisions such as hiring, promoting, demoting, or firing someone.

Not a lot of people realize that there is a medical condition law that offers protections for people who have medical issues. There are quite a number of reasons that guilty parties use to discriminate against an individual. One is fear. Some illnesses and diseases are contagious. And so, some people fear that by being with the sick or ill person in the workplace can have them catch the same illness. On the other hand, employers and supervisors may discriminate against they employee because of their condition, worrying about the productivity of a particular employee. To avoid losing the wages that they will be paying to these sick individuals. Because of these reasons people get discriminated because of a Medical Condition in California, employment anti-discrimination laws however, no act of discrimination can ever allow there to happen inside a workplace.

Though these fears are valid, it is still not a reason for anybody to discriminate, and at times, spread hate against any individual. That is why if you have been a victim of any form of discrimination on medical condition, you should stand up and fight for your rights. File the necessary charges to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), to the US Department of Labor, or directly to the courts. However, filing the claims is not the end of this fight. You have to prepare the most credible charges to ensure your win in the case. Hiring a good, experienced, and knowledgeable employment and labor law attorney can help you with that. They will be with you and guide you all the time to ensure that your complaint prospers, and that you will get justice for the pain and suffering that such circumstances has caused you.

Everybody has the right to decently earn his or her living. And while they are somehow indebted to their employers for being hired for the said jobs, employees should not let the former take advantage of them, much less take that source of income away without a valid reason. Most importantly, nobody is entitled to hurt and cause pain to anybody in the workplace out of his or her. Know your rights, stand up, and fight for it. This way you don’t only get justice for yourself but stop these abusive people from discriminating against others because of their medical condition.

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