Employment Discrimination Claims in California

employment discrimination

Employment discrimination in the work place is still prevalent despite legal awareness and numerous statutes enacted to protect employees and deter employers from treating their employees unjustly. If you have been discriminated against or treated poorly at work, it is important to seek legal help immediately to determine if your employment rights have been violated and to be advised on the course of action you can take to further protect yourself from harm while pursuing your right to claim damages against your erring employer.

There are different types of employment discrimination, to include: race, sex, religion, national origin, disability and age. If you are always being singled out at work because of the color of your skin, your national origin, because you are pregnant, of advanced age, or because of your gender preference or religious practices, then you are a victim of employment discrimination. Employment discrimination can happen in all aspects of the employment process. If you are seeking for a job and you are not being given opportunity to apply for a job due to any of the above discriminatory acts, then you can file discrimination claims against your prospective employer. Similarly, if you are already hired but you are not provided with the same benefits or are being treated poorly in comparison with other co-employees without just cause, then you are being discriminated against if the reason for your maltreatment is due to any of the above mentioned discriminatory acts.

However, in claiming damages against your employer, there are legal steps and procedures that you need to satisfy first in order for your case to prosper and not be immediately thrown out due to failure to exhaust administrative remedies. Aside from this, the laws relating to employment discrimination can be very complex, especially if you decide to file a work place discrimination law suit. Hence, this is why you should never try to negotiate your own claims against your employer because you might just unwittingly waive your right to claim any damage due to some technicalities unbeknownst to you.

This is why, if you are serious in claiming remuneration for all your damages, from front pay, back pay, unpaid over time, unpaid benefits and commissions, compensation for pain and suffering and even punitive damages, you need to seek expert work place discrimination lawyers who you can rely on to fight for you tooth and nail against your unjust employer, his insurance company and/or his defense lawyer who will definitely try to either diminish or negate your valid claims. This is where Free Legal Consultation comes in. We can match your legal needs to top employment lawyers in your area who are eager and ready to help you pursue your employment discrimination claims against your erring employer as soon as possible.

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