How Long Will It Take to Settle a Car Crash Case?

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In any legal case, there are many factors which can affect the duration of time it needs before it can finally be resolved. Needless to say, no one can really determine how long a case will take in court proceedings although estimation can be made but still it is never guaranteed. In particular, the victim of a car crash case needs to complete all of the relevant actions before they could get the most reasonable compensation equal for the damages they had suffered due to the accident.

Before filing a car accident claim, a complainant needs to have copies of the medical certificate stating the entire summary of treatment/s that he or she had undergone as well as some further treatments that he or she needs. Also, a receipt of all the related medical procedures’ cost must be secured. Same thing applies in the repair of the complainant’s car damages. After these important pieces of evidence are collected, the victim can now look for a notable legal assistance that only a trustworthy car crash law attorney can effectively provide.

A specializing attorney can now assess the previously mentioned documents so that he or she can write a demand letter that will be submitted to the insurance company of the opponent party. By doing so, the involved insurance company will respond to the said letter by offering a settlement. Accordingly, if the victim’s side is already satisfied and will accept the said offer and the opponent’s side doesn’t have any objection regarding the agreement as well, then the car crash case is already settled.

However, if the abovementioned offer does not convince the victim, that will be the time for him or her to file a car accident lawsuit against the subjected driver. Apparently, the complainant has two options on where to submit a car accident complaint; it can be in a small claims court or in a regular civil court. Small claims court procedures are relatively faster than in engaging in a civil court. Although, there are many differences between these two however the decision of where to file is usually based on the amount that a complainant wants to recover. Gathering some witnesses will strengthen their claim.

Moreover, being mindful of the statute of limitations is as important as the preparing for the representation of the car accident claim like in any other types of complaint. This is because of the fact that if the certain time which is allowed for a complaint to be filed already lapsed, the said claim will be considered invalid. This will vary depending on the state where the said accident happened. On the other hand, the opponent’s party can also take a legal action if they feel that they are unfairly treated.

Car accident case in California

Like in any other claims, prior to the submission of a car accident complaint proceeding to court is the process of going through litigation. In this procedure, you, as the car crash victim, will be represented by a legal counsel of your choice specifically a car accident case lawyer that will negotiate with the opponent’s side and also to his or her insurance company for you. On the other hand, if ever the aforementioned process does not succeed because your side is not satisfied with the offered settlement they had presented during the said negotiation, then a trial will be pursued.

Choosing a trustworthy legal professional from the line of lawyers for car accident case in California is the best thing that you, as a victim, should manage with great diligence. If you are a victim of a car crash incident, all you have to do is to follow all of the stated pertinent actions above. By having an excellent car crash law attorney on your side, winning your related claim will not be impossible to achieve. Assuredly, the best representation for your car crash claim can only be done by a remarkable specializing lawyer who is licensed in the state where the said accident happened.

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