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Sexual harassment still happens a lot in the work place. This happens when an employer shows innuendos or even directly harasses an employee in an inappropriate manner. The employee victim, oftentimes, does not act on their right to stop the harassment or complain about it with the proper authorities for fear of being retaliated against or losing their employment. In California, it is against the law and basic human decency to subject an employee to sexual abuse or harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace is technically called "quid pro quo" sexual harassment, which means that the employer proposes albeit indirectly to provide work or other provisions or emoluments related to work in exchange for sexual favors. Verily, this type of harassment is all about power and it doesn’t matter if your employer is a man or a woman because it has nothing to do with gender. Even if your boss is a woman, if she always come on to you or jokes to you in an inappropriate manner or with sexual undertones and the same is not welcome, then you are already being sexually harassed at work. Harassment with sex as subject or object is a serious matter. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable with what your boss is doing, there are different options you can take in order to protect yourself and your employment – from filing a complaint with the proper government agency, negotiating a claim with your employer or filing a lawsuit in court. Free Legal Consultation can definitely help you seek for expert sexual harassment lawyers in California who can promptly and meticulously assist you in any of the foregoing legal procedures and give you the best chance in obtaining the maximum compensation and remuneration you deserve, from actual damages, pain and suffering and other non-monetary losses.

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