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Race discrimination is among the most abhorrent cause of unrest and inequality prevalent in the work place in California. This happens when an employee who is marginalized or who is of a different nationality or ethnicity is being given a different and negative treatment at work by his employer only because he is different. Any form of discrimination is illegal and against public policy, punishable by law. Racial discrimination takes many forms, which includes: failure to hire, failure to promote, unequal compensation and work conditions, uneven implementation of rules and verbal harassment by supervisors, co-workers or even resulting in wrongful termination. This type of discrimination can happen to anybody. Even if you are of the same race or ethnicity as the employer, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be a victim of racial discrimination anymore. Your employer can discriminate against you when you associate yourself with other nationalities or join a group or association that is being discriminated against by your employer. In any of these instances, as a victim of discrimination, you’ll definitely suffer monetary and non-monetary damages due to your employer’s unfair acts. The sad part is, most of the victims of racial discrimination are hesitant to file claims against their employers for fear of being retaliated against or even terminated form work. In order to address this issue, Free Legal Consultation has partnered with the best racial discrimination lawyers who are committed to protecting the rights of all employees working in California. Through our dedication and commitment to provide every employee victim with the best legal representation they need, we are confident that you’ll find the expert employment and labor law attorney you need to help fight for your employment rights for you and your family’s sake.

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