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Work is hard to find nowadays and it is doubly hard to find good work without being discriminated against in some form or another. If you are over 40 years of age and you think that you are not getting ahead in your chosen career because of your age, then you probably are a victim of age discrimination in the work place. If this happens to you, you should immediately take steps in protecting your employee rights because oftentimes this type of discrimination leads to wrongful termination or even forced resignation/constructive discharge. As an employee working in California, you should be aware that the law protects you against any type of work place harassment or discrimination, to include discrimination based on advanced age. However, a lot of employees are victimized by age discrimination due to lack of knowledge of the laws and fear of employers who might retaliate against them or even terminate them for filing a complaint or claim against them. This is why it is never a good idea to take on your age discrimination claims on your own. Your employer has the financial resources to definitely frustrate your claims. In order to be fully protected against any repercussions while you pursue your valid claims you should always seek help from legal professionals who have the experience and resources to go against big corporations and even large defense law firms in order to get the maximum compensation you deserve, which includes actual monetary claims and even compensation for the pain and suffering you suffered because of the unjust or unfair treatments committed by your employer. This is where Free Legal Consultation comes in. We are widely connected with expert age discrimination lawyers in California who are well known in the legal community for being aggressive and thorough in protecting the rights of all employees against employment and labor law violations. Contact us now and we can assure you that we can help refer you to trustworthy employment lawyers who will zealously protect you and your family right away.

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Zachary Cantor

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Della Shaker

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Tracy Lopez

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